Posted on 13th April 2020, by [email protected]
Genesis 2:18a – And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone. (KJV) From the earliest record that we have, it is plainly shown that we have been created with a need for companionship. With that need comes a responsibility to meet that need with love and compassion. From  […]

Just Do Your Best

Posted on 13th April 2020, by [email protected]
I am privileged to live in a retirement facility where I continue to learn from other residents and members of the staff.   Recently, a waitress was given the opportunity to fulfill the role of the dining room manager when that manager was absent for a week. The following week, when she was serving breakfast,  […]

Just Be You

Posted on 27th March 2020, by [email protected]
Revelation 2:10b – Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life. (NKJV) Recently, I moved to a seniors’ residence. I am trying to make the adjustment to living in a different setting without my wife of over 60 years and with daily mingling among people that I never knew previously.  […]

The Clock Of Life

Posted on 26th March 2020, by [email protected]
The World Health Organization has declared this latest coronavirus a pandemic. This directly affects life for all of us to some degree. At first it was a sad development in far-away China, where sickness and death rapidly spread. Then it moved to South Korea, Iran, Italy, and other countries. Infections and death rapidly followed. Sad  […]

Welcoming Or Restricted

Posted on 26th March 2020, by [email protected]
I appreciate church services that are thoughtfully planned and well directed. I enjoy good music and lots of interesting material. But is it possible that the devil sometimes uses our good plans and activities to get in the way of welcoming others? The ministry of Jesus undoubtedly was the most inclusive of all ministries. He  […]

Can You Be Kind To Someone?

Posted on 26th March 2020, by [email protected]
My grandfather was a doctor in London, England. In 1893, he unexpectedly took ill and died. He left my grandmother as a young widow, 26 years old, with four children: a boy of six, a girl of four, my father aged two, and a new-born baby girl. There were no social safety nets for deceased  […]

Choose To Be Positive

Posted on 17th February 2020, by [email protected]
In 1948, a friend introduced me to his younger sister. In 1956, I married her. From the time we first met, I was impressed by how positive she was. I was all the more impressed when I learned that in 1937, living in Trail, British Columbia, Canada, when she was eight and her brother nine,  […]

Who Is In Control?

Posted on 10th February 2020, by [email protected]
Proverbs 3:6 – In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. (KJV) My grandmother wrote this verse on the cover page of the first Bible that she gave to my father. My father did the same in the first Bible that he gave to me, and I did also in the  […]

A New Beginning

Posted on 8th January 2020, by saministries
Each day when we awaken, we face a new beginning. If the day on the calendar is a 1, then that day is a new month. If it is January 1, then it is the beginning of a new year. 2020 is the start of a new decade. Each beginning comes with an opportunity to  […]