The Salvation Army is committed to providing safe, educational and fun spaces for children and youth. Every year, thousands of young people, of all ages, come through the doors of The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army often offers alternatives to the expensive extracurricular activities or daycare programs that have been cut out of many families’ budgets.  From after-school clubs and music lessons to athletics and food classes, youth learn, experience and grow.

Literacy Program

Every Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Carol and her team of trained volunteers are available to help your child advance in literacy. For further inquiries, please contact the Wiarton Salvation army at 519-534-0353 or email at [email protected]


Special Event & Seasonal Days

During the year, we hold special events such as; Back-to-School, Family Day, and many more.


Summer Camps

Summer camp experiences can impact the rest of a young person’s life.  Last year, 4,000 children attended Salvation Army day and week-long camps. For many children, camp is the only vacation they will get.

But Salvation Army camps are more than just a pleasant vacation. With support from trained counsellors who understand their emotional needs and help them to mature, children learn new skills such as archery, canoeing and swimming that promote self-confidence and social interaction.

Salvation Army camps seek to make kids feel loved, capable and included so that they have a sense of hope for their future.